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PXLMatrix 1U SD Playback device
  • PXLMatrix 1U SD Playback device

    SKU: 0002

    This basic brain could be the basis for your next LED creation!

    This unit offers the users the ability to record up to 16 custom Full Color & Motion scenes to an SD Card (included) and controls up to 1000 pixels.

    Powered by any 5V source: Including USB


      This is your basic SD looping playback controller.

      The single output controlls about 1000 pixels. You can write up to 16 sequences to the included SD card, and press mode to cycle through them. Press Set to chose a look to auto boot on startup.  

      This little guy can be hacked open to be even little-er, run off USB power, and even output DMX control, but it cannot be live controlled.  


      Playback Only.



      Advanced users or clever children only!

      Sorry, no returns on Hacker stuff.

      First I'll be blunt: Whatever you're project is, I recommend a live controller. (Then you can write your project to an SD card for playback if you wish) but should you be constrained by size or budget, or simply enjoy challenges, this is our very best option. 

      I can provide custom setup for a fee, or you can DIY, but either way, no returns on 1U SD Playback Devices.


    $75.00 Regular Price
    $63.75Sale Price
    Color: Green