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PXLMatrix 8U Control Processor
  • PXLMatrix 8U Control Processor

    SKU: 0001

    PXLMatrix Laboratories' top developers have come up with the World's Best Live LED lighting control solution. Using FREE SOFTWARE for Pixel Mapping & Live Video Capture,  this 8U processor controlls up to 4000 pixels!

    Fancy sounding technology, enables each output, or universe, to control 500 pixels which is a lot more than the paltry 170 pixels per universe our (sad) old friend DMX can handle. 


      This controller can drive a small, Meduim or LARGE matrix of LED pixels! 

      Comes with the FREE SOFTWARE required to control up to 4000 RGB LEDs!

      LIVE CONTROL:  Create a "capture window" on your PC. (BootCamp works great if you prefer Mac!) Anything you can play on a compuiter screen, can be automatically converted into LED pixel Data in real time!


      SD CARD CONTROL:  Once you have a show that you like, you can write the program to the included SD card for automated looping playback.

      This is great for plug and play lighting effects, holiday displays, campsite lighting, Playa Camps, art projects, or guided visual sequences.

      (The SD thing can be tricky. Fortunately, I can help!)  :)


      100% Guaranteed, but first, check your wiring.

      I have beaten the heck out of at least five of these over the years. with zero problems.  Hot. Cold. Wet. Dust. Ice. Mud.

      If you had a problem with one, I would be very interested. I would do everything to make it right, stopping at nothing to make you, my customer, happy.... but first, check your wiring.  Check it again.  

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