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20 Pixel Strand: PXLMatrix LightDrops
  • 20 Pixel Strand: PXLMatrix LightDrops

    SKU: 0003

    Our Techno-monkeys created these custom cafe lights to be used as LED Beaded Curtain Drops, Color Chandeliers, Swags, or anything else you could dream up. I'm over the moon because these have been made with my favorite pixel recipe for the rock solid stability we are accustomed to over here at PXLMatrix Laboratories.


       As a scientist and inventor, I am always running into things that didn't work as well as planned. This, is NOT one of those things.  These lights look so good, and they work so well, I can see that they are going to change PXLMatrix for good. Some customers will appreciate the clean, finished, look, or the easy setup, light weight, and durability. Others don't care how it works, but rather, how beautiful it looks. Mesmerized by sparkle and light, by movement, color, texture.

    $150.00 Regular Price
    $120.00Sale Price